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Home Inspection News Articles for San Antonio Home Buyers and Sellers
“M” is for Maintenance
Every home requires routine
maintenance, even a brand new
one. Homes that are maintained
hold their value better than homes
that are neglected. So, if you don’t
have a home maintenance routine
already in place, now is the perfect
time to establish one.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is review the inspection report from when you bought the home. Make a list of any repairs that still need to be made. When small repairs are postponed, they often turn into a much bigger problem later on.

Examine your home thoroughly each year before the rainy season begins. Make sure that water runoff is directed away from the foundation. Patch and seal any cracks in the exterior. Make sure doors and windows are watertight. Check the condition of the roof and schedule any needed repairs. Clean gutters and down spouts.

Trim trees and bushes to keep foliage about twelve inches away from the siding. Have your home inspected for wood pests every few years.

Open and inspect the windows. Clean out the tracks and make sure that the weep holes that drain rainwater are not clogged. Also check the rollers in the tracks and apply a silicone lubricant if necessary.

Make sure the furnace and air conditioner are serviced annually to keep them in good working condition. Change the filter monthly during the heating and cooling seasons.

Water heaters should be flushed periodically to eliminate mineral deposits that accumulate on the bottom of a tank. Refer to the service manual or check the manufacturer’s website for instructions.

Replace batteries in smoke detectors and CO detectors and also recharge fire extinguishers on a regular basis.

Because of settlement, shrinkage of wood framing and trim, natural stress cracks appear in drywall. Simply patch and paint these areas to keep the home looking nice.

Caulk dries and shrinks over time. In a new home, caulking can be affected by settlement and other factors. In kitchens and bathrooms, caulking must be inspected regularly and re-caulked as needed to prevent water from getting into the walls where it can cause structural damage and also creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow. You may need to re-caulk the tub, shower, and around sink areas. Also inspect the condition of caulking wherever you have a back splash that meets the wall.

Whirlpool jets in a soaking tub require regular maintenance or they can become a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria and mold. And by the way, never use bath oil in your whirlpool because it can cause the system to malfunction. Most manufacturers recommend having whirlpool tubs cleaned annually by a professional tub vacuuming company.

These are just some of the common routine items to include in your maintenance plan. Depending upon the age of the home, type of construction, and your ability to identify defects, many of which involve serious safety issues, you might want to schedule a professional home inspection every three to five years. Homeowners that have regular inspections and perform routine maintenance not only save themselves money while living in the home, they realize a larger profit when it’s sold.
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