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Home Inspection News Articles for San Antonio Home Buyers and Sellers
Who Should Attend The Home Inspection?
You know that the seller may or may
not attend the home inspection. Odds are
the buyer will attend. But what about the
real estate agent? When thinking about a
home inspection, it’s good to remember
what it’s purpose truly is -- to accurately
and without bias, discover and report on the
condition of a property. A home inspection
will probably reveal at least some repairs,
maintenance or improvements needed.
New or old, no home is perfect.

But the home inspection is not designed to
provide a negotiation advantage to the buyer.
It is merely intended to communicate to the buyer the true condition of the property s/he intends to purchase. The buyer is then able to more accurately calculate the true purchase price of the home by adding in any extra costs for safety or mechanical improvements that may be necessary.

With these facts in mind, an often-raised question is who exactly should attend the home inspection and why. Buyers are advised by most home inspectors to attend the inspection to see their future home through the eyes of a professional. Home inspectors may review home systems buyers never considered before deciding to place a bid on a home. Inspectors proclaim that a buyer is sure to learn a great deal about the condition of the home they are interested in, as well as how many of the home systems work, as well as ideas about maintenance. This is an opportunity for buyers to ask questions and receive explanations.

In some cases, sellers choose to remain at home during their home inspection, although some inspectors and agents advise against it. If sellers choose to stay, it has been suggested that they busy themselves with a magazine to avoid the temptation to rebut or challenge the home inspector’s findings.

What about the real estate agent? Is it important for the buyer’s agent to attend the inspection? Many inspectors believe it is to the agent’s advantage to attend the home inspection for a number of reasons. Providing a high level of customer service demonstrates to the home buyer that their agent is a professional eager to guide them through the process.

Think about the possibility of a major safety hazard being uncovered during a home inspection. The quick thinking of a real estate agent can go along way towards reassuring a nervous buyer. During a recent home inspection of a bank-owned property, inspector and agent came across an electrical issue with exposed, live wires located directly below water supply valves under the kitchen sink. It appeared that the previous homeowners not only installed a garbage disposal unit improperly, they also forgot to ground the wires. This was a serious concern and the buyer began to panic. The agent called her electrician, emailed a photo of the problem from her cell phone to electrician and received a verbal quote for the repair. The buyer was extremely relieved and the inspection was able to proceed.

Having a network of reliable trades people can come in handy in circumstances like these, and making sure to have their contact information is a necessity. Creating and nurturing a strong relationship with an experienced building and repair professional adds another level of service the agent can provide to the buyer. Many real estate agents work hand-in-hand with expert trades people and are able to provide the buyer with same-day inspections and appraisals. This nearly 24-7 reliability and responsiveness can make an agent look great and go a long way to putting the buyer’s mind at ease.
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